About us

Utkarsh Special Needs Institute and Support centre Introduction

We have a team of 25 "RCI" registered professionals and care givers. We have provided services to more than 200 kids in the last 3 years. Dr.Manisha Krishna has also been empanelled as "VISITING FACULTY" in CRC (Composite Regional Centre), Patna under the aegis of Govt. of India ministry of social justice & women empowerment.

Registration No. 422 of 2013/14
PWD No. - 199 dt 05/06/2017
PAN No. - AAATU5826G
Nitiaayog - BR/2017/0157462
The National Trust Reg - BUTK 17519734438
12AA(1)(B)(i) No. - AAATU5826G/13/15-16/T-117 dt 11/06/2015
80G(5)(vi) No. - AAATU5826G/13/15-16/T-058/80G dt 11/06/2015